Why we need a Scannable ID ?


An Premiun Scannable ID can bring a lot of fun, We carefully observed tens of thousands of customers. Found the main use of Scannable ID:

1. Get ID cards faster.

When you lose your ID, it takes FOREVER for the government institutions to issue a new one for you. Such a long waiting time causes you to continually worry and makes you feel like the new ID will never come.


2. Eliminate awkward moments.

It is a super embarrassing situation when the bodyguards kick you out of bars or clubs simply because your ID card is not ready and you look too young to get into the bars or clubs.


3. Get a colourful life.

Take a moment and think about all that fun stuff you could do with a new ID card. Spring break is almost here!! Friends, parties, booze, late nights….what a wonderful mix of life! Don’t be the one sit on the bench! It’s totally up to you if you want more fun for yourself!


4. Take Advantage of Discounts.

Well, a Scannable ID means you can still get all the sweet perks, which usually come with having a student ID, even you already graduated from school. Even if you quit school and have only ever held down a regular job, you can still receive vast amounts of discounts and impress strangers with your invented college stories by holding a Scannable student ID.


5. Car Rental.

A scene where you are toples with your buddies with music blaring from the stereo and the top down on the convertible you leased from the rental firm with your Premium ID. You will be the HERO for your friends to make this road-tripping adventure come true!


6. Premium ID for the Elderly.

There is no ageism when it comes to a Premium ID. We can be at any period of our life! This applies to the older generations. You may be a senior person with wrinkles of wisdom and the distinguished grey hairs of grandeur, but sometimes as a 55-year-old man, you still want to enter into an under-45’s badminton tournament.